Guy checks single can of beer after airline won’t let him fly with it


Airlines have been total dicks lately. Beating the shit out of a doctor and dragging him off the plane because they overbooked the flight. Thwacking a mom in the head with her own baby’s stroller. Killing a giant, adorable bunny stored in the cargo bay. And now, refusing to let a man bring his beer on the plane.

According to News AU
According to News AU

“The passenger was travelling to Perth on Qantas flight QF777 and was determined that his Emu Export lager would be coming with him.

The single can was transported with the rest of the luggage bound for Perth.

The beer was tagged and sent off to be loaded onto the plane with the rest of the baggage, which the Melbourne ground staff happily did — but not until they had snapped a few pictures of the unusual check-in item.”


Sure, the beer will be shaken to shit and skunked due to the drastic temperature changes in the cargo bay. And sure, he could have easily bought a beer on the plane or at the airport he landed at. But that’s not the point. This man stared in the face of tyranny and prohibition and said try me, motherfucker. He didn’t just crack open this warm, shaken one for the boys. He cracked it open for the doctor who was dragged off the plane. For the mother who got clocked with her infant’s stroller. For Simon the giant rabbit. And for everyone who’s been overcharged or overbooked.


I’ll raise one to that.

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