The Remarkable Rise of Landmark 81 in a 30-Second Timelapse

Landmark 81 is a super-tall skyscraper in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, that was designed by the British design, engineering and consulting firm Atkins. The investor and primary developer for the project is Vinhomes, a Vietnamese corporation that is also the country’s largest real-estate


There’s nothing bold in saying that Saigon is changing right before our eyes, but it’s rare that you get to see every step of a building going up.

Thanks to this timelapse, we can now see the rise of Landmark 81, Vietnam’s tallest building, and the immense Vinhomes Central Park development in Binh Thanh District over a three-and-a-half year span.

Through a series of photographs taken from Thao Dien over this time period, we captured one of the most dramatic changes to Saigon’s skyline in the city’s history.

It’s likely that some people aren’t fans of the increased traffic which this development has brought to surrounding streets, but it’s hard not to be awed when watching these buildings quickly sprout up. Take a look at this progression below:

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