VinFast Announces New Car Collection, VinFast Pre, for 2020 Release


VinFast will increase its business portfolio in the future with a new line of cars.

According to a press release on its website, after the first line of luxury models Lux, Vingroup’s automobile branch will present another line of personal vehicles in 2020, named Pre — short for “Premium.” Despite its name, Pre models are marketed as more affordable cars that will appeal to a wider customer base than Lux, though VinFast didn’t state how much the new cars would cost.

Pre will launch with seven cars from four categories A, B, C and D. VinFast also included a voting stage in which Vietnamese citizens can select their favorite designs from a pool of 35 choices. The most popular models from each categories will become the final seven going through production.

Like the first collection, Pre models were created by Italian design firms, including Ital Design, Torino Design and Pininfarina. The press release added that category A and B will have one hatchback and one CUV model each; category C will have one Sedan and one CUB model; and category D will have one Sedan, one SUV and one family model.

Apart from cars, VinFast has also introduced its own version of electric scooter named Klara, which was unveiled last November. Customers can pick from two main types of Klara: one that runs on a lithium-ion battery and one that runs on a conventional lead-acid battery.

Look at VinFast’s new Pre designs and vote for your favorites.

Phân khúc xe A Hatchback/CUV


Phân khúc xe B Hatchback/CUV


Phân khúc xe C Sedan


Phân khúc xe C CUV


Phân khúc xe D Sedan


Phân khúc xe D SUV


Phân khúc xe gia đình


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