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Here I will share my unique story

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The Vietnam War which was commonly known by the Vietnamese as the “American War”

The fighting was still raging up until the last day of April 30th 1975, when Saigon fell.

I had been born in the rural area South of Saigon in the Vinh Long Province.

No one really knew our real birth dates of Vietnamese Adoptees. So we were all given made up birth certificates depending on how old we looked.


I was also given the Vietnamese name of Quoc-Linh Ho. I was later told that I was named after some Vietnamese singer.

But all Vietnamese Orphans were given a name of some sort to be included in our paper work in which we had to have for the safe travel out of Vietnam before the fall of Saigon.

Adopted in Australia then later moving to New Zealand and growing up as a typical Kiwi.


Its been Over 25 years coming back and forth to Vietnam every year visiting throughout Vietnam as an ex-pat “Tourist”.

In August 2017 I returned again. But this time without a return ticket….

This is when my journey begins….

I Am Interviewed By Radio & Television


“Forty years on from an operation that took thousands of orphans out of war-torn Vietnam, a New Zealand man is one of many using DNA technology to find out more about his past.”

My video I created below is when I volunteered in Munich at 2015 for the refugee Crisis working as medical. I am formerly an Intensive Care Paramedic having worked in that position for over 20 years.

Radio New Zealand Interview With Scott

Search for family forty years on

Media Interview With Scott

Refugee response puts New Zealand to shame, says expat

New Zealand Herald Newspaper Interview With Scott

Syrian Refugees Arrive in Munich, Germany

CNN Interview With Scott

A New Zealander living in Germany says welcome Syrian refugees

“the best humanity can offer”.

Radio NZ Interview With Scott

Kiwi in Munich greets arriving refugees

News Hub Interview With Scott

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