Cafe Ngot Saigon is a wonderful cafe of nostalgia


Looking for a cafe to chill in this afternoon? Check out Cafe Ngot. We arrived at Ngot Cafe and were welcomed by a yellow wall that resembles the famous Coi Xay Gio wall in Da Lat. The sky had cleared by then, and the late afternoon light beautifully illuminated the area. Upon entering the cafe, we immediately felt an atmosphere of nostalgia.

It seems like the owner really knows how to bring back those good memories of old Saigon. The curtains, posters, menu and even ice tea glasses were purposely decorated to depict the lifestyle of old Saigoneers from more than two decades ago.

We glanced through the menu, scouring for something that could combat the summer heat of Saigon. The drink options aren’t fancy compared to some cafés, as they focus on serving signature drinks of Saigon, or, more precisely, drinks that Saigoneers craved when they were little kids.

I ordered a trà đào (peach tea) while my friend got cà phê sữa đá, nước mơ and đá me. While waiting for the drinks, Thanh and I noticed a bookshelf in the middle of the shop. On each shelf were items no kid of the 80s or 90s grew up without knowing.

From the top, we saw bottles of old Chuong Duong sá xị, Tribeco soya milk, con cua snacks, Miu Miu noodles, plastic balloon tubes and even the legendary Tetris Gameboy. It is not easy to find these goods today. The cafe’s location among a network of small alleys may make it somewhat hard to find for newcomers.

However, try putting aside all daily concerns, sitting on the little wooden chairs outside the café and help yourself to a drink while looking at the alley’s pace of life at dusk, and you will understand why a visit is worthwhile.

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